Family Law Services

17th December 2018
Rachel Horman Watson Ramsbottom Solicitors

Why Isn’t Stalking Taken Seriously, And What Can Be Done To Protect Victims?

Head of our family department and Solicitor, Rachel Horman, has recently featured on the Cosmopolitan website in the wake of the revelations from 19 year-old Shana […]
6th November 2018
Jordan Kinsley Smith Watson Ramsbottom

Vineyard Owner Divorcee Pays Price for Ignoring Court Orders

Burying your head in the sand and ignoring court orders is a good way of ensuring defeat in litigation. Jordan Kinsley-Smith, a member of the Watson […]
25th October 2018
WR Solicitor & Director Jonathan Leach

Those Who Lie to Divorce Judges Are Almost Always Found Out

Those who set out to deceive family judges in divorce proceedings rarely succeed and usually end up being hit hard in the pocket for their pains. […]
11th October 2018
Rachel Horman Watson Ramsbottom Solicitors

The police should be held accountable for failing DV and stalking victims

Watson Ramsbottom Director & Solicitor Rachel Horman appeared on BBC Wales Live on Wednesday 10th October 2018 to discuss the case of Laura Stuart who was […]