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The courts look at various considerations in deciding who should get what upon separation and the law is different depending on whether you were married or simply living together. We can advise what the likely outcome would be in your particular case and how best to achieve your preferred outcome regarding the finances. Our advisors are skilled negotiators and ensure that you get the best deal possible with the minimum of animosity. Mediation is almost always recommended but if your case can’t be settled through negotiation we aren’t afraid to fight your case in court.

We can also advise with regard to child maintenance and child support applications.


The law surrounding this area is constantly evolving and our advisors pride themselves upon being ahead of the game. Whether the property is held in joint names or just in your partner’s name you may well be entitled to monies from the property. It is also possible to make financial claims against the property on behalf of the children and this is something that we can advise you fully on.

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